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Vibrant & Dazzling

                        Fabric Banners & Backwalls

                                                                       FORMULATE MASTER
                                                                       BACKLIT BACKWALLS

                                                                       - offered in 3', 5' & 8' widths, all 8'h
                                                                       - tube frames feature spigot assembly
                                                                       - LED light curtains attach to the frame
                                                                       - pillowcase fabric graphic slips over frame
                                                                       - ships in OCE-2 case

                                                                        name        code          assembled dimensions
                                                                        3’ Backlit kit  FMLT-BL-WS3-01    34.69”w x 92”h x 25.59”d
                                                                        5’ Backlit kit  FMLT-BL-WS5-01    61.75”w x 92”h x 26.63”d
                                                                        8’ Backlit kit  FMLT-BL-WS8-01    90”w x 92”h x 26.63”d
                  Illuminate and draw attention!

                                                                       MODULATE MAGNETIC
                                                                       MIX & MATCH BANNERS

                                                                       - toolless assembly
                                                                       - magnetic frames allow for customized configurations of
                                                                        banners & backwalls
                                                                       - aluminum tube frames connect with snap buttons and all units
                                                                        come with easy-to-use twist-lock feet
                                                                       - pillowcase fabric graphics slip over frame

                                                                        size/name  code        assembled dimensions
                                                                        Banner 1  MOD-FRM-01-M-TL    60”w x 96”h x 19”d
                                                                        Banner 2  MOD-FRM-02-M-TL    60”w x 96”h x 19.3”d
                                                                        Banner 3  MOD-FRM-03-M-TL    35”w x 96”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 4  MOD-FRM-04-M-TL    35”w x 96”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 5  MOD-FRM-05-M-TL    112.58”w x 92.36”h x 31.23”d
                                                                        Banner 6  MOD-FRM-06-M-TL    45.74”w x 96”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 7  MOD-FRM-07-M-TL    90.78”w x 92”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 8  MOD-FRM-08-M-TL    46.7”w x 92”h x 17.72”d
                                       magnetized connection            Banner 9  MOD-FRM-09-M-TL    66.74”w x 96”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 10  MOD-FRM-10-M-TL    32.74”w x 96”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 11  MOD-FRM-11-M-TL    43.74”w x 92”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 12  MOD-FRM-12-M-TL    96.34”w x 48.39”h x 17.72”d
                                                                        Banner 13  MOD-FRM-13-M-TL    48.74”w x 96”h x 17.72”d
           high-powered internal magnets for                            Banner 14  MOD-FRM-14-M-TL    96.7”w x 96”h x 17.7”d
                connection of frames

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