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Eye-catching Light Boxes


        These sophisticated light boxes have superior aesthetic and assembly qualities and require no tools for assembly! Simply
        slide each frame piece together, apply the push-fit fabric graphics and plug in. LED lighting comes pre-attached to the
        frame and swivel lock feet give added stability. These displays are ideal for retail, interior and event environments.

                                                                                  frame easily assembles

                                                                                     lights come pre-
                                                                                   attached to the frame

                                                        SQUARE 01

                                                                               easy-to-apply push-fit graphics

        Details                                                  Size Options
        - light boxes feature sleek, scratch-resistant white aluminum frames with swivel feet  graphic  graphic
        - LED light strips are pre-attached to the top and bottom of the frame  name  code  width  height  assembled dimensions
        - includes choice of single or double-sided push-fit INTENSITY backlit fabric graphic
        - includes 6’ power cord                                  Rectangle 01  VF-ESS-LB-R-01  33.88”  71.88”    36”w x 72.75”h x 15.75”d
        - comes with reusable cardboard box with handle           Rectangle 02  VF-ESS-LB-R-02  35.88”  95.88”    36”w x 96.75”h x 15.75”d
        - easy to assemble
                                                                  Rectangle 03  VF-ESS-LB-R-03  47.88”  71.88”    48”w x 72.75”h x 15.75”d
                                                                  Rectangle 04  VF-ESS-LB-R-04  47.88”  95.88”    48”w x 96.75”h x 15.75”d
            perfect for retail stores, airports,                  Square 01  VF-ESS-LB-S-01  95.88”  95.88”    96”w x 96.75”h x 15.75”d
                   restaurants and more!                          Rectangle 05  VF-ESS-LB-R-05  119.88”  95.88”    120”w x 96.75”h x 15.75”d
                                                                  Rectangle 06  VF-ESS-LB-R-06  244.13”  100.5”    240.5”w x 97”h x 15.75”d

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