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VISUAL                                                               SYMBOL KEY

                                                                                     product made in
                                                                                     North America

                                                                                     economy product

        solutions                                                                    standard product

                                                                                     premium product

        Our display handbook offers                                                  recyclable product
        the best and widest range of visual                                          (does not include graphic)
        communications solutions for corporate
        interiors, retail environments,
        tradeshows and events.                                                       product comes with a
                                                                                     carry bag or case
        Our collection includes portable
        displays, light boxes, outdoor displays,                                     rental product
        fabric structures, exhibit kits and more!

                                                                                     new product

                                                                             WARRANTY KEY

                                                                                     lifetime limited warranty (frame)

                                                                                     5 year limited warranty (frame)

                                                                                     1 year limited warranty (frame)

                                                                                     90 day limited warranty (frame)

                                                                                     graphics limited 1 year
                                                                                     warranty (indoor products)

                                                                                     graphics limited 6 month
                                                                                     warranty (outdoor &
                                                                                     table throw products)
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