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Captivating & Durable

               Hanging banners are ideal for promoting events, advertising or branding in any indoor or outdoor environment.
                        Banners are available in custom sizes ranging from minimum 2' wide/high to maximum 10' wide/high.
                                                                 Choose from several finishing options described below.

        indoor banners                                        outdoor banners

        13 OZ. VINYL SINGLE-SIDED                             8 OZ. MESH VINYL SINGLE-SIDED
        Durable and lightweight                               Banners allow wind to stream through for durability.

        FABRIC SINGLE-SIDED                                   13 OZ. SCRIM VINYL SINGLE-SIDED
                                                              & 18 OZ. SCRIM VINYL SINGLE &
        Choice of Display Poly or Oxford fabric

                                                              Durable and weather-resistant, scrim hanging banners
                                                              are ideal for long-term outdoor use.

           Offered in a wide selection of

          sizes, materials and styles to

             fit your advertising needs!
                                                              6.5 OZ. OUTDOOR CANVAS

                                                              Water and UV resistant

                      INDOOR FINISHING STYLES                              OUTDOOR FINISHING STYLES

           no finishing  hem only  hem &   rope &    3" pole    no finishing  hem only  hem &   rope &    3" pole
            (vinyl)   (fabric)  #3 grommet  #3 grommet  pocket   (scrim)   (canvas)  #3 grommet #3 grommet  pocket
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