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Wall Mounted Poster Frames

        Trappa Snap frames snap open from the front to allow quick and easy graphic changes. No tools are required.
        Comes standard with clear protective lenses, fully assembled and ready to hang.


        - black or silver anodized finish with precision
         mitered corners                       code     insert size  assembled dimensions  code  insert size  assembled dimensions
        - spring loaded aluminum extrusions mounted to a
         high-impact polystyrene backer        TRP2-1-S/B  8.5”w x 11”h    9.75”w x 12.25”h  TRP2-6-S/B  24”w x 36”h    25.25”w x 37.25”h
        - Trappa Frame edges snap open from the front   TRP2-2-S/B  11”w x 14”h    12.25”w x 15.25”h  TRP2-7-S/B  22”w x 28”h    23.25”w x 29.25”h
         to allow quick and easy graphic changes with no
         tools required                        TRP2-11-S/B  11”w x 17”h    12.25”w x 18.25”h  TRP2-8-S/B  24”w x 30”h    25.25”w x 31.25”h
        - available in a wide range of standard sizes &
         includes a clear anti-glare lens      TRP2-12-S/B  12”w x 18”h    13.25”w x 19.25”h  TRP2-9-S/B  30”w x 40”h    31.25”w x 41.25”h
        - custom sizes also offered
                                               TRP2-4-S/B  16”w x 20”h    17.25”w x 21.25”h  TRP2-10-S/B  18”w x 24”h    19.25”w x 25.25”h
                                               TRP2-5-S/B  20”w x 24”h    21.25”w x 25.25”h


         - adjustable hanging clips slide along the top rail to match desired spacing
         - hanging clips feature both top opening for clear nylon line mount, and recessed pocket for
         S-hook suspension
         - rails snap open and shut for quick graphic changes
         - clean, simple, elegant look
         - comes in 4 different standard widths: 24", 30", 36", 48"
         - custom cut width available up to 60"


        - only 1" thick (single-sided only)
        - 50,000 hour bulb life
        - evenly distributed light via LED diffuser panel
        - snap frames allow easy graphic changes
        - wall mounting hardware
        - power supply with 78" cord
        - must ship freight

         name      width  height  code  assembled dimensions
         Light box 03  24”  36”  LED-SNAP-03-2    25.75”w x 37.75”h x 1.1”d
         Light box 04  30”  40”  LED-SNAP-04-2    31.75”w x 41.75”h x 1.1”d
         Light box 05  36”  48”  LED-SNAP-05-2    37.75”w x 49.75”h x 1.1”d

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