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Wall Mounted Poster Frames

                                Vector Frame™ Edge fabric poster displays combine durable, slim 3/4" lightweight aluminum
                               extrusion frames and easy-to-apply push-fit fabric graphics. Custom frame sizes are available.


        - slim, lightweight 3/4" aluminum frame
        - easy-to-apply push-fit fabric graphic
        - direct to wall mounting
        - custom frame sizes available

        Size Options

         name      code      assembled dimensions
         Square 01  VFE-S-01     11.8”w x 11.8”h x .79”d
         Square 02  VFE-S-02     26.3”w x 26.3”h x .79”d
         Square 03  VFE-S-03     35.43”w x 35.43”h x .79”d
         Square 04  VFE-S-04     47.24”w x 47.24”h x .79”d
         Square 05  VFE-S-05     59.06”w x 59.06”h x .79”d
         Rectangle 01  VFE-R-01    11.8”w x 23.62”h x .79”d
         Rectangle 02  VFE-R-02    11.8”w x 35.43”h x .79”d
         Rectangle 03  VFE-R-03    23.62”w x 35.43”h x .79”d
         Rectangle 04  VFE-R-04    23.62”w x 47.24”h x .79”d

            lightweight extrusion frame and easy-to-apply push-fit fabric graphics!

      Use for ads in retail settings

           or any type of interior!

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